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Train with us to achieve your goals

We understand what it takes to be successful in the open water and can tailor a training programme to your specific needs.

Jane is a Channel swimming approved coach and coordinates our swim camps that are a fantastic combination of the mental and physical elements required to be successful in swimming.

We also draw on the strengths of all of our team to build the best package for you.


Openswim UK run a variety of swim camps around the UK that focus on both swimming skills and overall wellness.

Our camps involve technique, breathwork and mental skills to improve fitness and prepare you for key swims.


As a CSA approved coach, Jane McCormick and the Openswim UK team can support you as you train to swim the Channel or any other challenge swim.

We also arrange Openswim Channel Relays.


Openswim UKs qualified coaches can work as a team with you to produce a tailored plan that will cover all elements of lifestyle and training to help you achieve your goal from pool and open water training to strength and conditioning and nutrition.

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