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Be safe in and out of the water:

Your safety is of paramount importance to us, just as much as your enjoyment of the open water swimming experience is with us. However, we cannot accept any liability and we advise that you swim at your own risk. If you are unsure of your ability in any given conditions we recommend that you do not swim.


  • Ensure you have completed the Open Swim UK medical disclosure form before your first swim and that you sign in and out at each swim.

  • If you have any doubts about swimming talk to the coaching team before entering the water.

  • Avoid eating a big meal at least 2 hours before swimming

  • Maintain hydration levels at all times

  • Do not enter the water if under the influence of drugs or alcohol

  • Do not swim if you feel unwell or are suffering side effects of prescription medication.

  • Cover minor cuts with waterproof plaster and avoid swimming with deep cuts

  • Avoid swallowing any water during your swim and shower straight afterwards. Always wash your hands thoroughly before handling food.

  • If you feel unwell after swimming and have serious headache, dizziness or flu like symptoms you should contact your doctor as soon as possible. It is rare, but you may have contracted a serious disease such as Weils or Leptospirosis that needs early treatment for a speedy recovery.

  • Do not dive into shallow water or any undesignated areas and never without supervision.

  • Beware of sunburn and apply high factor sun cream to exposed areas of the body. Even a cloudy day in the middle of summer can have a harmful effect on the skin.

  • ‘Buddy up’ with a friend or another swimmer of similar ability and try to swim together and ‘look out ‘ for one another.



Open Water Swimming Rules:

These rules have been designed with safety in mind and to maximise the enjoyment of the water for everyone. Please ensure that you adhere to them as you may be asked to leave the facility without recourse to any refund.


  • Swimming in Sale Water Park is only permitted at specified sessions. Unauthorised use of the facility is not permitted at any other time.

  • All swimmers MUST complete the health disclosure form before their first swim and sign the register before every swim.

  • All first time swimmers must have received their safety talk and general information about the swim course before entering the water. This is normally conducted at the waters edge by one of the Openswim UK personnel.

  • Any swimmer in difficulty should turn onto their back, raise an arm and wait for a safety team member to arrive.

  • All swimmers should have paid their fee before entering the water and should have a swimmer number issued to them.

  • All swimmers should behave in a manner that will not cause injury or damage to other swimmers or the Open Swim UK team or safety team.

  • Swimmers should wear wetsuits in cold water unless agreed by the coaching team. Brightly coloured swim caps must be worn for improved visibility and identification.

  • Swimmers should stop swimming if they hear a repeated series of 3 short whistles or a long blast on an air horn, indicating danger. Swimmers should then pay attention to the safety crew and follow their instruction.

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