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How do we book a swim?
We have set up an online booking tool that can be accessed through our website. We cannot take swimmers on the day in the short term as we need to be able to manage numbers to implement safe social distancing
Do I have to wear a wetsuit and can I hire one?
Wetsuits are completely optional and many of our swimmers choose to go in 'skins' (non-wetsuit). We are not currently hiring wetsuits but hope to resume this from May '21
When will you be open for the 2021 season?
All slots for April are now open to book and we will release May slots on 01/4
My son or daughter is a competent club swimmer. Can they come and swim with you?
Yes, we are happy to take competent pool swimmers although we would ask that, if they are inexperienced in open water, they come with a buddy and consider wearing a wetsuit.
How do you implement safe social distancing?
We have the queue marked out in 2m spaces, we have seperate entrance and exit points and we encourage swimmers to collect their belongings and move to a space away from others to get dressed.
Do you accept cash or cheque?
We ask that swimmers book online so that we can manage numbers however, we will accept cash payments.
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